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Hotels and Accommodations Sold Out!

Hotels at both MacEwan Residence and Coast Edmonton Plaza are sold out during Animethon!

If you are still looking at booking hotels for Animethon, try other hotels near MacEwan University such as Days Inn & Suits West Edmonton (2.9km), Best Western Plus Westwood (3.3km), Sandman Hotel (2.6km), Hampton Inn & Suits (3.2km), Courtyard Edmonton, or Delta Center (6.9 km),

Animethon 21 Pins Set 2

Animethon 21 is pleased to announce our second set of pins! Nishi’s Sword and Misaki’s Staff!! These pins will be available for sale at all times at the Merchandise booth during Animethon!!


Panels Are Up!

Guest, Event, and Fan Panels are now posted up now!


An Cafe`s message to Animethon!

Check out An Cafe's video message for Animethon! Excited to see them? Be sure to get your prereg tickets now!

Preregistration closes July 15th!


Posted: 2014-07-14 13:53:09

Eek! Comic & Pop Culture Festival

Thank you to our friends at the Eek! Comic & Pop Culture Festival for throwing together an amazing first year convention in St. Albert this past weekend! Animethon had a booth selling pre-registration tickets and other merchandise. Congratulations to our 2 winners who won the X-Pass this weekend! Animethon sponsored the convention and provided two AMV programming events. They had special guest Stephen Amell attend and that was a huge hit with photo ops and autographs!. We look forward to seeing how Eek will grow in the next year!

Posted: 2014-06-04 17:44:49